Years ago, musical artist Amy Grant wrote a song entitled Hats! It is about a woman, who wears more hats than she has the margin to wear: “The sun comes up; the breakfast show; can’t you see me running? It’s crazy don’t you know? . . . I’m working through the night. Will somebody tell me where do all the hours go? Well, it doesn’t stop. Why do I have to wear so many [hats] on my head?” Excellent question!

Is your “virtual hatrack” sad and empty? Fill it up! Hang some hats on it. Contentment is never based on what we do, AKA the hats we wear. It is based on what is inside of us.

Do you feel like you wear more hats than you actually have margin? Most entrepreneurs do. We are driven to do our best and then go a step further to perform beyond our natural limits. The fact is, even if you are not an entrepreneur, you may find yourself wearing hats from every life arena.

We live in a society that tells us we must accomplish more that we ever envisioned possible regardless of the personal cost. Drive forward! Press on! Give more! You want to do it all. Then for good measure, you add one more thing to your list just to keep you “mentally adagial.” There’s a price to pay for wearing more and more hats.

Perfect Days are not perfect. They become perfect when we are working on the basic four areas of our life that bring enrichment, security, and future hope.

These include our core – attention given to family, friends, and those who mean the most to us; contributions – ways that we give back to this world, our communities and our besties; experiences – the fulfillment that comes from learning new things, reaching a ligament goal, and gaining a sense of fulfillment in life; and our financial – where we are living out our dreams for the future. We invest well, write out our Commander Intent (life mission statement) and then live, work, and play with passion. Perfect, but not without imperfection along the way.

Recently, I took my daughters to an event and, as it often happens, I learned a lesson that I would like to share with you. I learned what it means to take my many hats off and just observe life as it is – not as I wanted to shape it. I didn’t participate; I simply observed.

I didn’t need to put energy into the moment other than just to do what was within my sacred circle. Can you do this, too? Can you take off a few of the many hats you are wearing so you can observe life and the value it holds? I would like to show you how to do this – not just from a financial perspective but with a life perspective.

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