The secret to financial security is not having more money in the bank. It’s in knowing how to control what you already have.

Striving to get to a financial destination like retirement can be relentless, 
especially in our supercharged world. This is why I tell my clients while financial security is a goal, it should never be the only one.

For some people, financial security means having a large amount of money invested with great returns. Others may simply envision a comfortable lifestyle without all the trappings of extra homes, boats, and planes.

My younger clients settle on a number for retirement, only to come back later expressing feelings of fear because they are afraid that they will need more! Do you know when you have arrived at a place where you can relax and say, “I’m good with this?”

Personally, I don’t believe retirement is a true option. You may leave one job after many years, only to shift your focus to a new area like volunteering in your community. Many of my “retired” clients have become involved with organizations like CASA. They are dedicated individuals, who want to give back because they have been given so much. How about you?

I read how others simply cannot imagine doing this. They drive harder to reach goals they simply cannot reach.

Left on your own, without a trusted adviser, you can easily set unrealistic financial goals for your life. The person who retires believing two million in securities will meet his or her needs, often shifts and wants this amount to be greater.

Money becomes the goal to be chased, and this is where your Perfect Day breaks down! Don’t let that happen to you. There are four areas in life that keep you centered and focused on what is important. Balance in these areas lead to a Perfect Day mindset and lifestyle.

Core values – the things that have the greatest value in this world – family, friends, loved ones, and spiritual commitments.

Experiences – the things you do and accomplish in life that add character and value. This can include slowing down enough to listen, with your heart and not just your head, to others talk. Do what you love, and love what you do. 

Contribution – Give to your community and to others without expecting a 
return on this type of investment. The return comes when you give!

Financial – set the right goals to reach the right destination at the right time in life.

Emphasis on one area over another will land you in a “wobble.” No one has time for that. Find your balance, discover the secret to Perfect Day living, and enjoy what you do each day. I can show you how to do this.

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