A couple of years ago, I had an imaginary closet full of hats! Some colorful, some shiny, some very attractive, and many very large. I was busy most days changing out my hats – CEO, company President, Entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, committee chair, and the list continued. Then the crash came!

Today, when clients engage me for financial advice, I never begin by talking about dollars and cents or their position in the boardroom. I begin with the things that mean the most – family, faith, giving, and then finances. 

Recently, a young couple came to me for a financial consultation and were completely surprised by how I began our meeting. I asked them to tell me the three things in life that had the most value to them. 

Can you do this? 

The husband dropped his head and said, “She has been trying to get me to stop and think about this for years.” If wealth and materialism are your main goals, life is going to feel pretty empty. 

Living life well and to the fullest doesn’t begin with what you have. It begins with what your life contains and what you do with what you have. You can build your business and “work like there is no tomorrow,” but chances are if you do this, there won’t be a tomorrow. 

I have watched people trade health in order to gain wealth. The ironic thing is that many turn around and have to use their wealth to regain their health! It’s time to get off the hamster wheel. Using my Perfect Day plan, I can show you how to do this. 

You begin with a plan to meet the needs of yourself and your loved ones first. Then allow your business to grow around those vital priorities. If your business always comes first, your life will only be made up of leftovers. 

So, either you mold your business around your lifestyle, or your lifestyle becomes wrapped up in your next quest to wear another hat, answer another email, or read another text. I vote for you to put your phone down and pick up what means the most in this life!

Truth: We are so loyal to our businesses, but our businesses don’t produce the same amount of loyalty to us. So, I want to ask: Are you ready to take off the multitude of hats that you are wearing and live a life that truly counts? I have never regretted making this choice for my own life and the life of my family. 

In his book Essentialism, Greg McKeown writes, “If you don’t prioritize your life [now], someone else will.” At Perfect Day, we show you how to prioritize your life, so you have Perfect Days every day. Give me 15 minutes (free), and I’ll show you how.