Every week, I talk with people who tell me they are not happy, feel overwhelmed, or out of touch with their real purpose. Do you ever have these same feelings?

I understand. At some point, all of us have. Finding your right focus and your right purpose is what Perfect Day is all about.

As entrepreneurs, it’s easy for us to fall into a work trap where we think our jobs and what we do is our purpose, but it’s not.

Each day, I come alongside people, who are on a hamster wheel – rushing and running to have “just one more thing” in their search for purpose and personal fulfillment. I’m convinced that a high percentage of us are not living in our purpose. Many even try to live out their purpose through the lives of their children.

For me, personally, God is first in my life and my children are second, but they are not my purpose. I love them with every breath. But, if they were my “purpose,” I would be carrying their bags, living in their rooms, and none of us would be happy.

Here’s a 411 Flash Alert: You can’t fulfill your purpose through your job or your children. There’s a fine line between what you do each day on your job and what is important. I want to show you how to stay on the right side of this line.

Perfect Days have nothing to do with perfection. They are all about living purposefully and meaningfully. It’s about freedom.

Purpose is where you find your true north. It’s where you live out your passion. So, stop chasing after success for the sake of success. When you find your Perfect Day, you will find success.

You are on this planet for a reason. Last week, I was reminded of this as I reflected back on the moment when I wrote out what my Perfect Day would be. This was when I discovered my life purpose: to teach and coach others on how to discover theirs. It’s mountain climbing and summiting with the right purpose in mind.

I have a new workshop called “Leaning into your Edge”. I had five spots for this four-week course; only two spots remain. Private message me via my Facebook page to claim yours. I’ll push you to discover your true purpose, and you’ll also learn the basics of Perfect Day: core, contribution, spiritual, and financial.

This one thing sets my approach apart from other financial planners. Anyone can show you how to have enough money to retire. My goal is to teach you how to take your life back. I want to give you a lifetime of Perfect Days!