According to the latest studies by Gallup, over 80% of the world’s leaders and employees are disengaged at work.

If they are disengaged at work, are they also disengaged at home?

Robert Cooper a leading neuroscience lecturer, business coach, Upwire podcast host, and author would be best to answer this. I met Dr. Cooper at DIG SOUTH 2017 in Charleston, SC where he was the keynote speaker and his speech got my attention.

Cooper has been called “a national treasure” and “the ultimate business guru for the new millennium.” His books have sold more than four million copies. His podcast, Upwire, is rated one of the world’s top neuroscience podcasts. His company, Cooper Strategic, originates and customizes ultra-practical ways for leaders and teams to excel, innovate and set records year after year.

Dr. Cooper gave me legs for a strategy that I use personally, in my business and with any client or friend who’ll listen that I call 4-11. Identify 4 things that personally and professionally open the door for a Perfect Day and commit to getting them done before 11 am.

Does this create engagement in the workplace? AH, yes. if we are all connected and committed to a NO GO, NO DISRUPTION zone before 11 am. Why? Because we’re committed to helping each other having a Perfect Day!

If we revisit the headline, what are we doing all day at work? Why are 80% of us—-why are WE disengaged?

I take exception to the use of the term “leader” in the headline in tandem with disengagement at work. This may be a reference to a position – heads of companies and top of the food chain – but certainly a leader doesn’t stay disengaged and model this for others.

A neuroscientist I am not, but a Perfect Day Engineer, I AM.

A Perfect Day can not be one that includes being disengaged at work, or at home for that matter.

This is the single first time I have ever put a hard core rule—a generality, on Perfect Day structure, EVER. I have never offered what one’s Perfect Day need be comprised of or not. NEVER. You’ve read it here, and now its no longer true. I’m adding engagement to the must haves of Perfect Day framework.

The idea of plodding along every day disengaged 9-5 is like looping a Stephen King in the dark, alone on a street corner in Hell with a cashmere wetsuit on. It is a painful thought. So, it was written here, disengagement is not a component of a Perfect Day. DONE. Moving on.

Where light exists, by definition there is no darkness. Disengaged? Get some light. Light comes most easily from gratitude. Start noticing all that you’re surrounded by, appreciate or are thankful for, and you can achieve engagement.

With gratitude it is proven that productivity in the workplace improves. I assume that productivity and engagement are close cousins.

One of my favorite Ted Talks is Shawn Achor’s on Happiness at work. Compelling, funny and worth the 12 minutes. You’ll love Shawn simply for his quick wit and delivery of facts. Under all that, he is THE happiness and stress expert with under and post graduate degrees from Harvard.

Oprah loves him. I adore him. His message and delivery can change the world. I want to be him when I grow up!

Be the 20%. That’s right. Be the 20% that are grateful and therefore happy and productive (and ENGAGED) at work or wherever you find yourself. It’s a hard habit to develop, but easy to do.

Start today by inventorying 3 things you’re thankful for each day. I write them on post-its, date them and put them in my Jar of Thanks. You can simply reflect and note to yourself, but you’d be cheating yourself of the future joy of putting your hand in the jar for a much needed smile, or a ray of light.

Be the happy the world needs—-your family needs—your coworkers need.

Lead on, Perfect Day’ers, Lead ON!