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Perfect Day

A Guide to Curing Lifestyle Deficit DisorderTM and Reclaiming Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your Life

Most entrepreneurs today suffer from a bad case of LDD, or Lifestyle Deficit DisorderTM: they’re exhausted, stressed, overworked, and only able to give their loved ones the “leftovers” of their energy and time.

Perfect Day offers the cure to this ongoing epidemic. In warm, accessible language and engaging anecdotes gleaned from her client files, Cokie Berenyi takes entrepreneurs on a journey of self-actualization, helping them design their Perfect Day Pyramid.

By sharing simple steps and strategies, Perfect Day offers a powerful antidote to LDD, revealing a path away from disillusionment and dissatisfaction to a life of purpose, joy, and freedom.

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Financial Samurai

Founder of Alphavest, Cokie Berenyi is an industry pioneer that is right-sizing Wall Street one client at a time. A veteran in financial services, Cokie has been serving the needs of individual clients, entrepreneurs, corporations and institutional investors since 1996. Cokie is a mother, author, business owner, founder of 2 non-profits and wears the hat of financial “samurai” to her clients, big or small.

Perfect Day Engineer

Cokie inspires entrepreneurs and individuals at-large with her vision and storytelling of her many client and personal experiences, leading clients through the financial and work-life-balance maze, helping them achieve more Perfect Days. Cokie’s Lifestyle Deficit DisorderTM services provide lifestyle consulting and a spin on Performance Coaching that brings a fresh look to your best YOU.

Crowd Pleaser

Author of Perfect Day and the Liberated Investor, a 40 under 40 recipient and Woman CEO of the Year, Cokie motivates and engages a crowd with client experiences that brings tears and laughter, vision and action. Her keynotes, trainings, discussions, and workshops are supported by after action engagement, effective literature, tools and a 3 Module/20 video E-Course, Perfect Day Connect.

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Learn How To Work 40% Less And Make 220% More

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Today’s investors are overwhelmed by information, advice, emotion, and data. Combined, these equal a burden that makes confident investing impossible. The advice I offer is based on common sense, which is perfect for this time in our country.  Emotion is out, logic is in!
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Cokie Berenyi has been in financial services and serving the needs of individual and institutional clients and entrepreneurs since 1996. Mother, author, business owner, financial “samurai” and Perfect Day engineer, Cokie loves food, wine, travel, stray dogs, goat cheese, tennis, and alpine mountaineering.

Founder of Alphavest, an industry pioneer that is right-sizing Wall Street one client at a time, Cokie inspires investors and entrepreneurs at-large with her vision and storytelling of her many experiences leading clients through the financial and work-life-balance maze.

Author of Perfect Day and the Liberated Investor, a 40 under 40 recipient and Woman CEO of the Year 2012, Cokie is currently climbing the 7 Summits of the world and beat Stephen Colbert in the Charleston to Bermuda race in 2011. Founder of non-profits Rein & Shine and She CLIMBS, Cokie’s passion for entrepreneurship spans for-profit and not-for profit arenas, alike.


  • “Cokie is passionate and utilizes her incredible wisdom and years of entrepreneurial experience to guide you in achieving balance and abundance in all areas of your life! She ignites a fire deep in your belly with her dissection of how you define success and envision a Perfect Day. Priorities become sharply focused and with her help and accountability, you start changing your life with enthusiasm and direction! My personal wellness has improved and I've enjoyed more personal freedom, sleep, and time with my son while growing and expanding my business! She is wildly smart, financially brilliant, and makes the journey of improving your life FUN! She pushes and supports you as you find balance amidst the chaos. Cokie creates a top notch experience and you will learn so much from working with her. She has personal experience with the craziness of being an entrepreneur and wearing 50 different hats so she understands firsthand what it takes to create the life you envision. She is fierce, fabulous, and fun!”
    Christy Cone
  • “While the circumstances that led me to Cokie require cocktails and a longer conversation, I am happy to share with you the benefits of having Cokie as part of my “Life Team”. She is smart. Book smart AND Street smart. Financially and worldly. She anticipates months ahead of me, my goals, my needs, my tolerance. I have come to lean on Cokie prior to making large financial decisions, be it purchasing a home, a boat, requiring legal assistance as it pertains to wills and estates and even requesting her feedback as to accountants and other service providers. Her excellent recommendations have never led me astray. Working with Cokie is peace of mind.”
    Jessica Schmidlapp
  • “Cokie took a personal interest in our lives and helped us to understand and define our core values and beliefs. Once we had defined the most important aspects in our lives, she helped direct us to align our financial goals with our lifestyle goals. From that point on, we more fully understood how we could leverage our individual business interests to meet our long-term financial goals, removing the guess work on how to position the business for an exit strategy. Over the course of the next 5 years, we were able to meet or exceed every goal we set! ”
    David Marconi
    Retired Restauranteur/Consultant


“Summiting Mt. Everest may be my biggest climbing challenge to-date, but it’s about more than achieving the top. It’s about survival.”

—Cokie Berenyi

At Stage Zero the cancer survival rate is 98%. Everyday Everest was founded to ensure that communities with limited access to healthcare get crucial early detection and preventative education, and to encourage those with healthcare access to reprioritize their wellness. More

Climbing for a cure


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Cokie Berenyi and team climbing one of the Great seven summits.

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